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Monday, August 15, 2016

Don't Kiss the Girl (#LostinSpaceRemix)



Read the Article here - https://thelegendofxero.blogspot.com/2016/08/dont-kiss-girl-explained.html
Visit J-Mez's channel here - https://www.youtube.com/user/jboss180


Honesty, Chastity, virtues held on high
Purity, Reliability, are the places in which I strive
But the heart has a motive, it's beating from within
But the heart doesn't know it's unable to comprehend

Integrity, fidelity, were recently cast aside
And my sanity and security we're the ones to be sacrificed
Now we're starting it over
The heart is still broken
I know that I need more time
To discover the things that I need to regain my life
 And nobody knows the truth

If anybody knew what was really on my mind
(don't kiss the girl x2)
Mixed and Mastered by J-Mez

No one needs to know how I really feel inside
(don't kiss the girl x2)
I know that I'm broken, I'm trying to cope
But my emotions Never Lie
Does anybody know if there's a way to do this right?
Don't kiss the girl

Oh, the truth.
It feels so good not to fight it.
And I'm telling you, there's no way I could ever deny it
But my heart isn't Frozen
I need you to know because I want you by my side
But I need to believe there's a way I can do this right
So now that you know the truth

If anybody knew what was really on my mind
(don't kiss the girl x2)
No one needs to know how I really feel inside
(don't kiss the girl x2)
I can never be sure, and I've fallen so short.
I'm broken deep inside.
Does anybody know if there's a way to do this right?
Don't kiss the girl

If anybody knew what was really on my mind
(don't kiss the girl x2)
No one needs to know how I really feel inside
(don't kiss the girl x2)
I know that I'm broken, I'm trying to cope
But my emotions Never Lie
No, my heart isn't Frozen
I need you to know because I want you by my side
Yes, I'm trying to wait to avoid this mistake
 But still, I have you here tonight
Does anybody know if there's a way to do this right?
(Don't kiss the girl x3)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Don't Kiss the Girl: EXPLAINED

From an early age we're introduced to a concept of love and romance in a way that most of us won't understand until we get into are pre-teen years, and later on in life. While for most of us, this seems like just a normal everyday thing, for others its a concept that is introduced to us through means other than natural inclination. Most of us learn about love and relationships through television shows and stories, or we may learn about it from the people in our lives such as parents and other family members or even friends and Neighbors.

Love and romance are essential factors in everyday life, and the way that we are introduced to these Concepts will often dictate the way that we approach them in the future.  The way that we learn about it says a lot about how we will approach it in our future. That's why today I want to talk about my song "Don't Kiss the Girl".

By now, most of you of know that most of the songs on "Ascension: the Creative Power of the Imagination" are based on either Social/Cultural Concepts written from a Christian Perspective, or from Personal Experiences which helped me grow deeper in my faith. This song is a little bit of both.

The story takes place at the end of a marriage, transitioning into the beginning of a divorce. At the time I was separated from my wife and was living outside of our home. I was hoping that over time we could reconcile our marriage and continue on, but that's not the same thing that she had in mind. After she served me with divorce papers, I was living in solitude and loneliness. In the events leading up to our divorce, I was staying in a separate room and sleeping in a separate bed from my wife. So I think it's safe to say that I had already learned to live in solitude and loneliness for a few months already. This experience was merely solidifying some of the habits that I have formed over the last few months.

In the opening lyrics, I signify this with the first two lines
"Honesty, Chastity, virtues held on high
Purity, Reliability, are the places in which I strive" 
These lyrics speak on past mistakes as a person, and a desire to live in the reality of what I saw as mistakes in my own life, while at the same time acknowledging the reality of things that were beyond my control. Namely, I was now a divorced man who's sexual urges had not simply faded away, and needed to put that part of myself in check, lest I succumb to sexual immorality. I needed to be honest with myself about the fact that I was going to be struggling with sexual immorality and temptations in the near future, and possibly, for the rest of my life. To Simply deny these urges and pretend that they weren't there was only going to set me up for failure.

This is the need for Honesty and Chastity.

The lyrics purity and reliability speak to the fact that I was going to have to align my actions with (what I said were) my current convictions. I was going to have to become more pure in thought, as well as my actions. I was also going to have to become a more reliable person to myself, lest I renege on all of my personal convictions and let myself down, as well other people who looked up to me at the time.
"But the heart has a motive, it's beating from within
But the heart doesn't know it's unable to comprehend" 
In popular culture today, we are told that if we follow our hearts, it will lead us to happiness and well-being. This couldn't be further from the truth, and I can attest to that personally. The scriptures tell us in Jeremiah 17:9 that "the heart is deceitfully wicked Above All Things". We are also told in Proverbs 4:23 to guard our hearts above all things because everything that we do "flows from the heart". And in yet another Passage we are told that "hope deferred makes the heart weak" (Proverbs 13:12), which seems to indicate that our motivation and primary drive for life is fueled by the desires of our hearts.

Listen to an early demo version of Don't Kiss the Girl
So while it may seem true that our hearts will guide us to happiness, this is similar to giving a small child every desire that he demands. The child will either become a terrible brat, or will put himself and others in mortal danger, or both. In the same way, the heart has its own agenda, but does not understand logic, only emotions. The heart is unable to comprehend the consequences of moral and logical choices, which is why we must be led by wisdom, rather than our hearts.

Now that we have the stage set and the background is pretty much laid out for the rest of the song, I want to introduce the new factor in the driving force behind the rest of the song. This is going to be the concept of moving forward in a new relationship and trying all over again with love. The biggest obstacle in this scenario was the fact that I was somewhat dating recreationally, as a man on the rebound, rather than a man who was looking for a mate.

I am of the conviction that people were never created to bounce around from relationship to relationship, but intended to find a mate, settle down, get married and start a family. When God created Adam he said that "it is not good for man to be alone", before he created Eve. Now a lot of people tend to sneer on this concept of starting a relationship and taking it as far as it's intended to go. It is considered unwise because we are so used to seeing relationships tragically fall apart in our culture today. Not only do people get bored with each other and break off relationships unnecessarily, they are also cheaters & liars, amongst other things. All you have to do is log on to Twitter or skim through the magazines in your local grocery store check out to get a general idea of how people feel about relationships. It isn't a pretty picture.

That's where these next set of lyrics come in.
"Integrity, fidelity, were recently cast aside
And my sanity and security we're the ones to be sacrificed"
These lines convey the idea of fully putting your trust into your partner/spouse in a relationship, only to have that trust broken by infidelity on their part. It basically shatters your perception of security, it leaves you with an uneasy vulnerable feeling in just about every situation. It's incredibly difficult for a person to develop a normal sense of trust after having their trust broken in this way.
"Now we're starting it over
The heart is still broken
I know that I need more time
To discover the things that I need to regain my life 
And nobody knows the truth"
The end of this verse touches on the beginning of a new relationship in spite of the fact that I had not completely healed from the last one. This is something that I did habitually in my youth, I guess you could say that I was just running back to my old ways. I was doing what I knew, even though I knew that it was no good for me. I was simply looking for a kind of relief...what we refer to as a rebound. The problem was, I was I no longer in my youth. I was an adult now. Granted, I was a young adult, but still an adult one who knew better none the less. And the fact that I had a fractured sense of security and trust led me to internalize my feelings and emotions rather than share them with someone, or just getting the counseling that I needed.

Hence the line, nobody knows the truth.
"If anybody knew what was really on my mind.
No one needs to know how I really feel inside" 
The Dragon, The Sun
Click to listen to a very different kind of love song.
So there I was, starting a new relationship, without giving myself time to heal from the last one. And I was actually embarrassed about the kinds of thoughts I was having at the time. Some of the things going through my mind were not only thoughts of a sexual desire and attraction to this new girl, but also thoughts of trying to adjust to the fact that I was no longer married, and that I still had a longing to be in a deep meaningful relationship, rather than a playful one. I especially knew that it wouldn't do me any good to share these thoughts with the girl that I was dating, because I'd probably either confuse her or scare her away.

I definitely didn't want to share these thoughts with any of my friends, because they were under the impression that I just needed to date and to get my mind off of my old crush, or whatever. I knew that for most of them, dating was more of a frivolous activity, than something to be taken seriously. Everybody in my circle was jumping from relationship to relationship (with the exception of the few couples who had been having kids together). So I didn't feel the need to discuss my thoughts with anyone. I thought it would be better if I just kept it to myself.
"I know that I'm broken, I'm trying to cope
But my emotions Never Lie"
I don't want anyone to confuse this with the idea of listening to my heart, or letting it guide me. What I  mean by "my emotions Never Lie" is this: I know how I feel, and I can only do my best to react accordingly. To pretend like I wasn't lonely or sad, would just be dishonest. To pretend that I wasn't confused when I really was, would be foolish. We should all have a working knowledge of our own emotions so that they can serve as a barometer for these kinds of decisions. While it may be completely irresponsible to let your emotions guide you, it would be even more irresponsible to pretend that they don't exist. Again, the best you can do when dealing with your emotions is to allow wisdom to guide you, even at the expense of going against your own emotions.
"Does anybody know if there's a way to do this right?
Don't kiss the girl" 
This represents the emotional conflict of having full knowledge of what you should do, but doing something else instead because it caters more to your emotions rather than to logic and wisdom. It's kind of like asking for directions in vain, when you know that you're not going to follow the map anyway. All the while, telling myself these truths about my emotions, I already had the answer in my head the entire time:
Don't kiss the girl! 
The second verse signifies the rest of the new relationship, after I've made the decision to go through with it, rather than to allow myself more time to heal.
"Oh, the truth.
It feels so good not to fight it.
And I'm telling you, there's no way I could ever deny it" 
I decided that I was going to be honest about my thoughts, and stop trying to pretend like I wasn't having them. In turn, I took the hedonistic route by completely indulging in the relationship for what it was; a fling. I was just going to let myself go for the ride and just try to deal with any emotions and consequences, rather than over-thinking the possibilities.
"But my heart isn't Frozen
I need you to know because I want you by my side"
Because I knew that this was just a frivolous relationship, I wouldn't let things get so deep. I wouldn't let myself fall into deep passion unnecessarily, which kind of robbed the relationship of its romance. I was allowing the girl to be my companion, without ever really giving myself to her.
"But I need to believe there's a way I can do this right
So now that you know the truth" 
Even though I was indulging in the relationship, I would only go so far, because I was still reluctant about its legitimacy and I still wanted to be sure that I could do the right thing. So, I went against my better judgment, and told her that I was having second thoughts about whether or not we should be in a relationship with each other. I told her that I liked her, and that I liked the company, but I wasn't sure if we were doing the right thing. Basically, I felt like I have been cheating on my wife even though we were already divorced.
"I can never be sure, and I've fallen so short.
I'm broken deep inside."
This last portion gives a deeper meaning to the kind of thoughts that I was having during that relationship, as it represents an internal struggle between a desire to have a legitimate meaningful relationship, and a desire to follow the culture, by coasting through an easy fling. All of my friends were hooking up, and it didn't seem to be bothering them very much. But when it came to me, and my love life, I was mortified by the idea, even though I still had the physical and psychological desires to be with a woman. Deep down, I knew that outside of marriage, what I was attempting would only bring disaster to my life, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I was destroying myself. I was torn.

Ultimately, this song is a coming-of-age story about a young man who learns to trust his convictions rather than his emotions. It speaks to the internal conflict between fleshly desire and morality, combined with the decisions that we must make on the day-to-day, concerning the two. While some people would like to believe that sexual immorality has no real consequence, most of us tend to disagree. This is not only represented in the initial feelings of guilt, reluctance, and overall confusion that comes along with frivolous and casual sexual relationships, but it is also represented in the deeper fractured psychological responses to our decisions, shown in today's culture.

For instance, there was a study done, in 2003, by the Center for Data Analysis, that suggests teenagers who are sexually active at a young age tend to suffer more from depression, than those who remain abstinent throughout their teenage years. Another study, done last year by a website called peerchallenge.com, gives a list of reasons why teenagers become sexually active. Surprisingly, attraction was only number 3 on the list, with other factors, such as social pressure, media, boredom, drugs and alcohol, and an overall desire to be loved. Of course, if anyone were to ask me personally, my defense for abstinence would be, "because God said so".

When King David committed adultery with Bathsheba, in the Old Testament, he lamented that he had sinned against God. Even though many lives were ruined in his decisions, he still considers the greatest of his sins to be the fact that he transgressed against the Living God. This is the kind of mindset that we need to have if we want to live a supernatural life. The Holy Spirit not only lives inside of every Christian, but also gives us the wisdom and grace to make those hard decisions, if only we would inquire and listen to him.

The rest of the song is wrapped up by admitting that I was not able to maintain the integrity that I desired, but lacked:
"Yes, I'm trying to wait to avoid this mistake
 But still, I have you here tonight" 
This represents the sheer weakness and utter depravity of the flesh. The Bible tells us when the enemy comes in like a flood, that we should submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from us. In contrast, we are also, commanded to "Flee from sexual immorality". We are actually recommended to stand our ground against the Enemy of the Saints, but told to flee from sexual immorality. It is THAT POWERFUL.

My decisions come with the guilt that can't be undone, but still can be learned from. So please, take my advice:
"Don't kiss the girl".

Did you enjoy this presentation of the deeper meaning of this song? 
Did you learn anything? 
Do you agree or disagree with my final thoughts? 
Leave me a comment and give me your thoughts as well, and I'll see you next time.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Dragon, The Sun (Lyrics)

My story is not so different than the story of so many others. The only is, it didn't take some self-righteous crusade to kill me, nor was I martyred. I simply lay down and died. I had become lethargic in my way of thinking, and looking back, I can't really say that I was ever really alive. 
In my so called life,the things that I lived for were all turned into dust...rotted before my very eyes. My rise to stardom came crashing down when the Dragon swung his tail and knocked me from the sky.  
And the Great Dragon's flood of lies had already begun to suck the life out of me...began to dictate everything that I had believed in...everything we thought we knew. We were deceived. 
He lied to us about who we were, and who we were to become. He lied to us about where we had come from, and where we were going. He even lied to us about Himself, making us think that he was the next-best-thing to God, and we believed him. 
In one mighty stroke, most of us had fallen from our rightful place. Unaware that we were new captives in our own land. I was one of them. Disconnected from the True Vine, I was now forfeiting my rights with the rest of them. The Gates were spreading, and we were hallow. 
Its a curious thing how One becomes aware of his own death. I think it nothing short of a miracle because, once you've had your fill of Death, well, then you begin to develop an appetite for something else. And, while most things simply lead right back to dying, some things have an alternate effect.

Fall into my arms 
don't let down your guard 
just forget the world 

it lights these Embers
when I remember the Sun 
and when I was happy

Yes I cherish these scars
 but I let down my guard 
but I won't do it again 

it lights please Embers 
when I remember the Sun 
and when I was happy 
the hunger growing 
my heart does make me so blind 
when I'm with you

Don't deny me 
lay beside me 
let me feel your kiss on my lips 
(no I don't deserve to die) 

does my own heart love to hurt me 
I endore this test of Silence 
(I can't find my way)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Smashing Pumpkins has always been one of my favorite bands, ever since I discovered them back in the 90s. Actually, the by the time I discovered them, they were already getting ready to break up. So I never really got to enjoy them in their Heyday, but I did enjoy catching up on all of their albums over time.

Needless to say, I've always wanted to cover a Smashing Pumpkins song, but never really knew how I wanted to do it or which one would be the best fit for me. I decided to go with a song that is widely known by Smashing Pumpkins fans, but isn't a radio single. I hope you guys enjoy my interpretation, and perhaps maybe even Billy will hear about it and have something positive to say. That would be really cool too.

I've already released an image on Instagram. So there might be a few Savvy users who know that this is SoundCloud and want to hear the song. I'm really not expecting a whole lot of traffic from that though.

I hope that you guys really enjoy the music, that you will share it with your friends comma but most of all, that you would leave a comment in that SoundCloud comments section so that other people can hear your thoughts and reviews.

 Thanks again for giving us a platform to share our music, and don't forget, that there is a bunch more music coming out to Spotify, YouTube, and some other streaming sites and just a few more days ~ XERO

Listen to An Ode to No One ☆ Smashing Pumpkins Tribute (XEROmix) by The Legend of XERO

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How do you do Ministry in The Hood?

When a man stopped by the house to sell some basic, but obscure items, we wanted to help. He wasn't selling drugs or bootleg dvd's, but it wasn't expected either. When moving into a new neighborhood, you need to form alliances right away, without inviting the wrong people into your life. You want to be sure that the locals will keep an eye out for you, and even protect you if they see someone trying to take advantage of you. It's a very tricky thing, trying to be friendly at a distance because you don't know if you can trust someone.

So my friend spent money that he didn't really have trying to build and strengthen that First Alliance. It wasn't the best move that we could have done, but it wasn't the worst either. It's very difficult to invest into a community when you have very little to invest, and all we can do is hope that that little bit will pay off in the end.

Paul says that one of the qualities of leadership in the church is to be hospitable. Again, this is really difficult to do when you don't know if you can trust people. It's easy to want to take everything you read in the Bible at face value with all simplicity. But when it cuts so close to home, or rather is placed within your home, it's really easy to get kind of sketchy and downright fearful.

Tonight, Im trying to stay the night in some unknown part of Muskegon Heights this evening, I found myself looking out the windows frequently. Not even really sure what I would do if someone were to approach the house. I guess appearing out of the blinds in the middle of the night with a baseball bat gave me some false sense of security, so I could at least sleep a little better tonight. The reality is that God is my true security. But it seems like I'm lacking in that realization more often than not.

It's easy for me to trust God that he will protect me when I'm driving on the highway. But when I hear a loud Bass in a passing car, or gunshots down the street, my mind does a lot more than wander. To be honest, I've lived in the hood my whole life, and yet I was never taught how to live in the hood. it's something that you just get thrown into, most times unintentionally. it seems that all I really wanted to do was Escape, only to find out that I don't make nearly enough money to live in those nice neighborhoods.

I found myself equally discomforted when we showed up to work and a condo neighborhood. For the next few weeks, will be doing some power washing and painting and basic maintenance on houses that are basically worth more than my entire life. These are realtors and doctors and lawyers and ex-federal officers with $30,000 chandeliers imported from Italy. You know, the kind of stuff I know nothing about. And it's weird, because I'm very uncomfortable there as well, but in a different way.

You see, in these nice neighborhoods, I'm a little bit fearful that someone's going to point me out of place. That I don't belong there. Because it's happened before. I remember working in some small town new the country, and having someone tell me that I needed to go back to Saginaw. Class and racial profiling can be some of the most hurtful experiences in one's life. But on the other hand, living in the hood, or just being in the hood, can be and even more threatening experience on the wrong day.

I guess in both scenarios, if the Neighbors Know Who You Are, and think at least fairly highly of you, then walking down the street in our neighborhood can just be a really nice experience. Even with the loud music, or old people sitting on their porches, it's just another walk in the neighborhood. but when you're the new guy on the Block, it seems like you being introduced to the Jungle. everybody's looking at you trying to find out whether or not you can be taken advantage of, or at least that's how it feels.

This is how it was for me growing up at least. No one ever really believe me when I tried to tell them about it as a kid, and I guess it never really went away. Sometimes people can behave like (and treat you like) animals.

Now in my adulthood I'm starting to learn a little more about finding my identity in Christ and putting my trust in God. But the two things I haven't fully figured out are these:

1) how do you minister to a group of people that you're afraid of?
Whether you're in a suburb full of mansions, or on a block where the houses are falling apart, it's all the same. How do you reach people in your own community when you're afraid of them, or when it seems like they want NOTHING to do with you?

In my younger years, I used to burn mixtapes of my favorite Christian rap songs and then use them to walk up to a group of guys and try to talk to them a little bit as I passed out the CDs. Nothing ever really came of it. The guys never really seemed all that interested in what I had to say, and a lot of them even laughed and threw the CDs on the ground and walked away. other times people would just glaze over, and sort of tolerate me because I was in there area of activity, sort of dampening the mood. I've never had anyone want to pray with me, or talk a little more. they just seem to want me to go away so they could go back to drinking and selling their drugs ( I'm not assuming, I'm talking about walking into obvious drug traffic areas).

I've never been physically threatened when trying to do ministry. But that kind of rejection is pretty hard to deal with. I always tried to tell myself that I was planting seeds, but I never really knew for sure.

2) how do you create a safe Zone in your neighborhood or people can feel like they trust you?

Again, this question comes from the rejection of being more of a black sheep in my neighborhood than actually one of the flock. it's just one of those things where people look at me and they can tell that I'm not like them. I have no idea what to do in that situation anymore. it's nothing like talking to people after shows at a performance, because they've already somewhat accepted me and probably think that I'm cool or whatever. and it's really not like relating to people at church on Sunday morning, because they live nowhere near my neighborhood (I'm often embarrassed when somebody from my church has to come to my house because my neighborhood is so ghetto).

But when I'm not mad at people for playing their music too loud, or for being drug dealers or fighting in the street in the middle of the night, I find that I really do wish I could reach them. I have a genuine love and concern for these people that I don't even know, and I have no idea how to even talk to them sometimes. I mean, I can strike up a conversation with someone that I've seen a few times, but these situations are difficult at best.

It seems like if I wanted to have or be a part of a successful Ministry, I just go where the money is. but I feel like it must only be natural to want to do ministry where you live. I wrote this because I couldn't find anything on Google about how to do ministry in the hood. There was one article about what some guy is doing at his church. But that is a whole different context. What about the average person, in the average situation, who's not running a church?

So, if anybody has any solutions or ideas, or even links that are helpful. Please let me know. In the meantime, I'll be here in Muskegon Heights, trying to help my friend get settled in, and trying to make more relationships with the neighbors.

Pray that we can be more full of God's love and Power.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Wierd that I've never lost a fight as XERO. He's actually rarely challenged as an avatar. I (on the other hand) am attacked quite often, and i even lose fights. I think Shae is attacked more frequently and fiercely than XERO.

So there os a problem somewhere.

One thing I can say for sure is that I as a person and much more of a coward than XERO is as an avatar. I tend to keep my mouth shut when I often should be shouting against evil. I often do and say things that I shouldn't do when I'm in my street clothes, but if I were in uniform, you would never catch me saying or doing those very things. I think also as a person, I'm a lot less scary than XERO.

I've based my avatar on everything that I see in Christ and in God. Obviously it's not a comprehensive picture, but there's nothing about xero that you won't catch some where in scripture. It is also my interpretation of my walking in God's will. I believe that in that state, I am probably covered with a lot more/less grace than I am as a person, does giving it a higher state of responsibility and visibility, along with fewer mistakes.

I think that when someone shows up as a warrior, you expect him to behave as a warrior, and so you give him a Warrior's respect. On the other hand, familiarity breeds contempt. So I have to wonder if I need to change things around a bit.

In actuality, there's nothing different between me and xero. Because I am he. Xero is my avatar. Not the other way around. So why don't I show the same attitudes and behaviors as I do when I'm in uniform? Why do people tend to approach them differently and attack me more often? Why do I tend to fall more when I'm in that state?

I mean I don't think any differently just because I change my clothes and put in some contacts. I don't answer people with the same answers, or change the way I interact with them just because I'm performing that day. The only real difference I can see in my own personal behavior is that I feel more responsible and visible, the magnifying my own fear and cowardice. A man like me is terribly afraid of falling in public.

These are all questions that I don't know the answer to right now.  but I can feel it in my gut, that something needs to change, and something is definitely about to change whether I like it or not. I think that if I am to grow as a man and as a Christian, but I need to start showing love and I'm much more mature fashion. I am going to have to stop being so tolerant and Silent about evil and wickedness Kama even in my own life and even in those around me. I'm going to have to stop being such a coward just because I want you guys to like me, especially since I lived much of my life in solitude.

I don't think that having a lot of friends is going to change anything significant about my life. And to be quite honest, I think in the like me more because I am always willing to speak the truth, and see what needs to be said even when it's uncomfortable.  Usually the people who fight against me the most in that area proved that they were never good for me in the first place. and other times, some of the people that I end up disagreeing with become better friends in the end.

 maybe I just haven't been walking in God's will all this time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Legend of XERO is teaming up with Tweek's Corner for a huge online music release event this month! On July 1st, we will be releasing "The Sun", the second track from XERO's stream-only album "Ascension: The Creative Power of the Imagination". Alongside that release will be the Tweek's Corner Metal Remix of "Crazy Praises", and special discounts on music from Tweek's Corner.

Ascension: The Creative Power of the Imagination (Digital release)

We are adopting a new method of music release that I am intending to use for the rest of the year. You will be able to expect a finished song to be released for Digital Streaming EVERY MONTH, until the album is completely released. In the end, we will offer a full physical release with all of the previously released songs.
July's Song is Called "The Sun" and it's extended counterpart "The Dragon, The Sun". It is a lament, and a story of a lonely vampire who lives by sucking the life (and love) from his lovers. Deeper meanings will be released later this month on XERO's Blog. The Extended version will have a much deeper explanation as it is 2 different stories.
If you would like to receive an email when each month to remind you of new songs, you can follow The Legend of XERO on 

Tweek's Corner: B-Sides

On July 1st at 9am you will be able to order our B-Sides album here:http://kunaki.com/mSales.asp?PublisherId=143680
All major credit/debit cards are accepted and it usually takes a week for delievery

Crazy Praises Remix

You will be able to Stream Crazy Praises (TweeK's Rock Mix) on July 1, 2016 right here: https://soundcloud.com/tweekscorner

T-Shirt Giveaway

We will also be announcing the winner of the free T-Shirt Give Away. 
(You can sign up here - https://www.signupanywhere.com/signup/I6cDfm0j)

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