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Hello again Gang,

This is my final news letter to you all. I wanted to make a simple message for you that effective immediately, I am retiring from the position of XERO.

This was not a hasty decision, and it's one that I've prayed about and sat on for a long time. I've tried to ignore it, and deny it, but in the end, I could not escape it. If I had to put it as simply as possible, I would tell you that I no longer derive any joy from, nor do I find any value in what i do as an entertainer.

There are other ways to word it. But this is simpler. It's the truth. I will leave my website up along with a few social links, but there will be little to no updating from now on. I hope that you all had as much fun as I did in the past, and we will always have the memories we made together. Now it's time for me to hang up the Cape, and move on to other things.

Thanks for all the years,

XERO (2008-2014)

I have 141 likes on my page. Roughly 10% of those people ever see my posts due to the new FB algorhythms.

So while i hate to say it. You are going to have to start liking or commenting on my post if you want to see them continue to show up in your feed. Other than that, there's nothing that I can do for you on facebook anymore.

I think that I'm going to have to switch to Google, and even try to make sense of Twitter.

Social Media Update

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
In case you haven't been over to the Step Mania forums lately, I wanted to let you know about the new untitled dance game we're working on this year, based on my music.  Programmer, J. McRoberts is working really hard to bring you fun, challenging levels for the DDR spin-off, Step Mania.

His .sim files are a high quality mix, and are great exercise (and of coarse, a lot of fun)!

Check it out Here!

Difficulties are 1/3/5/8
I was asked by the song artist to step this song and he is fine with open sharing of this work so please play and share with others. It's a fantastic hip hop song that has such a great christian message. There is a FULL version and a SHORT version both, DanceDanceRevolution style. In order to get the video to play in both versions you must place the RandomMovies file in this .zip into your StepMania directory. Specifically add a folder called DDRII with the Crazy Praises (Full Song).avi file in it.

Crazy Praises for Step Mania

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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